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Wireless technology has made its' way into modern

by:Yatai     2020-06-21
Listening Options Abound With the integration of wireless routers into traditional home theater setups, many more devices can now stream and play back through a persons entertainment system. Televisions can connect and display content from the web. Many game systems have WiFi connections that allow players to wirelessly connect to the internet, play games with friends across the world and have it all booming through their wireless speaker system. You can also enjoy digital surround sound, HD video content and Blu ray video through this setup. It Starts With One Component At the center of it all is the modern surround sound amplifier / receiver. Imagine sitting on your couch with your smart phone, tablet device or your laptop. You begin playing your favorite song right from any of these devices, through your media center setup with the touch of a button. DLNA (Digital Living Network Alliance) compliant devices allow you to play your music, podcasts or other sounds from anywhere in your home, directly through your home theater. Individual manufacturers have also jumped into the fray. They have begun developing proprietary based standards and systems that allow consumers to connect their mobile devices wirelessly to home media centers for quick and seamless play back. Wireless Speakers...Really? That leaves the home theater speakers as one of the final components to take advantage of wireless technology. You can get sound to your rear speakers in your surround sound system without the need to run wires along your floor or under the baseboards. By using a simple wireless transmitter / receiver system, you can have a neat and tidy setup, and still enjoy the richness of surround sound audio. The transmitter is hardwired to your surround sound amplifier. It uses radio frequency (RF) communication to transmit the sound without wires to the receiver device, and the receiver distributes the sound to the left and right rear surround speakers. Although the rear speakers are connected to the receiver device with short wires, they can be easily tucked away and no one will know how you've gotten surround sound without wires showing everywhere. Summary It's clear that wireless technology is here to stay for home theaters. More and more vendors are creating software, devices and systems that will transform the way we enjoy our entertainment. From wireless components to wireless speakers, you can expect to have growing home audio and video options in the years to come.
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