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wireless microphone drop-out - avoiding the problem

by:Yatai     2019-12-10
Despite this popularity, some of the common problems associated with radio microphones remain. Drop-
However, the lack of signal is the biggest problem faced by users;
We have something you need to check to help you avoid this. Check where your antenna is on the transmitter and receiver.
If your receiver antennas are removable, make sure they are 90 degrees apart and are 1/2 wavelength apart.
Make sure your transmitter antenna is not coveredup by clothing.
Make sure you are using the right and fresh battery.
Even though we hope the batteries will not last forever, the more you use your system, the faster they die.
We recommend that you do not use rechargeable batteries, use super alkaline brand batteries.
Check if there is enough interval for your frequency.
If you use two or more systems, you may conflict with each other.
It is not enough to tune only to different frequencies, they must be properly spaced.
If you are using multiple radio microphone systems of the same brand and model, please check the manual or use the pre-
Set the frequency in the unit.
Make sure that the transmitter you are running is at least 3 metres from the receiver.
You may send too much revenue when you are close to 3 m, which will cause problems.
On the other hand, check that you are not too far from the receiver.
View the operation distance manual.
We recommend that you always keep the \"line of sight\" of the receiver \".
Basically, if you can see the receiver antennas, it\'s a bet that the signals can be sent back to them.
Many things can even block the wireless signal of the human body, so try to keep the signal path smooth.
If you can\'t keep the \"line of sight\", you can install the antenna remotely at any time.
Please make sure it is a low loss cable if you have to use the long Skyline Cable, we recommend you to use RG-8.
If your cable is also over 10 m in length, maybe it\'s time to look at the antenna booster.
You will be surprised how many signals are lost on a piece of cable.
Check that your wireless microphone system is not subject to any external RF interference.
To do this, turn off the transmitter to see if the RF indicator is still receiving.
If so, adjust the system to another frequency and try again.
If you are using four or more wireless microphone units at the same time, we recommend that you use antenna distribution.
This will allow all devices to run a pair of antennas and normally turn off one power supply.
If you haven\'t purchased your system yet, make sure you spend a little more and then implement --
Diversity receiverNon-
Diversity receiver has only one antenna, easy to drop
Because this was eliminated.
If you do all of the above, it will still be deleted
There is a problem, it may be that your radio microphone is faulty.
Call your supplier or manufacturer to explain the checks you have made and the problems that still exist.
It is also worth mentioning that after December 2012 you will not be able to run any cordless microphone on channel 6169.
The 70 channel is still available and the 38 channel is now available for multiple wireless microphone systems.
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