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What is Fusion Splicer?

What is Fusion Splicer?


So you’d like to know what a fusion splicer is! Maybe, you’re setting up a welding business. Perhaps, you plan to switch to a better spicing process. Irrespective of your intentions, making the right choice is imperative. If you fail to do that, you’ll finish up with a less desirable device. When this is the case, you won’t derive much from the equipment. Although many brands exist, you should find a trusted fusion splicer manufacturer. The products of no two brands are the same. You ought to pick a customized fusion splicer to tap the perks of splicing. Let’s find out what fusion splicing is and the advantages thereon.


What is a fusion splicer?


Fusion splicing is the act of welding or fusing two fibers by an electric arc. A splicer is a piece of equipment that lets you fuse two fibers. During the splicing process, contained heat is used for melting the two different ends of the fibers. To ease the process, the coating from each fiber is removed. Plus, thorough inspection and accurate cleaving of fiber ends are done to streamline the process. When the preliminary work is complete, the two fibers are placed into the splicer. Once properly aligned, the welding process accomplishes quickly.


Today, fusion splicing is the most widely used process for blending two fibers. To capitalize on the increasing demand, many companies offer this popular device. However, buying the right equipment from a reliable brand is imperative. If chosen properly, you can enjoy a series of benefits from a customized fusion splicer.


Low production cost


Fusing two fibers can be a costly affair. You may finish up disturbing your working capital on fusing two different fibers regularly. This is even more correct if you outsource the task. In case you buy the fusing equipment, you’ll save money. However, the initial investment regarding a customized fusion splicer may not fit your budget.


In such a scenario, relying on a trusted brand seems to be a better bet. Without hurting your finances, you can get a top of the line fusing tool. Once you’ve the tool, you can save substantial money on fusing. Why? Fusion splicing is the most cost-effective way to weld or fuse two fibers. By choosing a reputed fusion splicer manufacturer, you cut down your initial investment and enjoy the ongoing perks of cost-effective splicing.


Better performance


Splicing isn’t a new concept. There are various types of splicing processes such as mechanical splicing, aerial splicing, and others. However, each of these processes involves insertion loss. What does that mean? It means when you input two fibers, they lose some of the mass (length) due to heat. If you’ve to weld two cheap fibers once in a couple of months, then it’s not a big deal. What if you’ve to weld two costly fibers every now and then?


You’ll lose enough money on insertion loss. However, a customized fusion splicer averts this problem. Typically, minimum insertion loss is recorded through fusion splicing. This saves a ton of materials, which translates to immense savings. If you total up your daily savings, they can aggregate to a huge amount.


Enhanced safety


Any process involving electrics entails substantial risks. This is more so in the case of fusing. High voltage current poses potential risks. If you’ve multiple splicing tools at your factory, the risks multiply significantly. A single mistake can be disastrous. Fatal injuries and structural damages from electric fires can make you bankrupt and push you in a legal dilemma.


You need a process that’s extremely safe. It’s here fusion splicing surpasses other processes. The process presents a better and safer environment. Consequently, the instances of weak signals and cable failures are minimized. All it takes is the choice of a reputed fusion splicer manufacturer to pick a safer device.


Better fusion


If you try to join two broken ends such as the ends of an electric wire, their strength at the joint is bound to be low. This applies to mechanical or fusion splicing too. The strength of a seamless fiber is obviously higher than the strength at the joining point of two fibers.


As a result, there are likely chances of breakages. In case a fiber with live current breaks, it can cause substantial damages and injuries. Also, the resultant work will be affected. Fusing splices with a customized fusion splicer gets rid of this issue. The process binds two fibers in the best possible manner. The resultant joint has the highest strength compared to other fusion processes.




Splicing tools are heavy-duty devices. No matter how careful you’re, they’ll wear out with time. However, some splicing devices are better than others. You ought to pick the best one that can stand to the test of time and usage. A customized fusion splicing device from a trusted brand should be your best choice.


Typically, fusion splicing devices are highly durable. Made out of strong materials, they can withstand heavy-duty work and perform optimally without posing constant issues. A reliable fusion splicer manufacturer offers top-quality products that will serve you long.




Splicing devices take up too much space. If you’ve a small factory, it can’t accommodate too many devices. That could affect your production efficiency and hurt your profitability. No smart businessman would want to lag in this competitive situation. A customized fusion splicer is a better bet to resolve this problem. These units are space-efficient. Even a small workshop can accommodate multiple fusion splicing tools.




Most of the fusion devices come with a small warranty period. As a result, you’ve to buy the devices every once in a while. That can cost you dearly in the long run. Also, it’ll affect your overall cost. A fusion splicing device comes with a better warranty on materials and workmanship defects. This is more so if you buy the device from an experienced fusion splicer manufacturer. If anything turns up, you may seek repairs and replacements without expending a single penny from your end.


Final words


The above discussion clarifies what fusion splicing is and the perks thereon. If you’re into the fiber fusing business, consider buying a customized fusion splicer to tap the varied benefits. However, just be sure to check a trustworthy fusion splicer manufacturer to make the most out of your investment.