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Wall Switch

1. The switch wall plates adopts a large board design, which is comfortable to touch and has a night light indicator, which makes you easy to distinguish in the dark.

2, product appearance, combined with the modern trend of style design concept, elegant lines, simple and generous, delicately embellished, the left and right sides of the switch and the middle with a silver border decoration, giving a bright feeling, functional modules can be interchangeably combined.

3. The wall light switch is made of PC material, which has the advantages of good gloss, super high temperature resistance, impact resistance, easy cleaning and no discoloration. The rear seat adopts transparent flame retardant and high temperature resistance, and reserves more space in the wire box. rest assured.

4. High-quality copper: switch, socket shrapnel are made of high-quality tin-phosphorus cyanide copper, long-lasting elasticity, balanced force, fully in line with national standards.

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