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This mini Look Wooden USB Stereo Speaker is a

by:Yatai     2020-04-30
Physical attributes: The product features 2 speakers blended into a Mini Look word which has following dimensions: 22cm * 9.5cm * 8cm & weighs 220 gm only. The word is made up of high class acoustical wood, which is a Finland imported log & have excellent handmade features. The speakers are fitted properly in the o's of word look & area of 2 * 34mm in diameter. Technical: The product requires an input voltage of 5V & have an output power of 2.2W . It is provided with 3.5mm audio cable that makes it easy to connect to iPod, MP3 Player, MP4 Player, Laptop, desktop or palm computer, MD, mobile phone, and other digital devices with 3.5mm audio socket. The charging voltage of 5V + 0.5V is required to make it work within the frequency range of 100Hz - 22KHz & SNR of> 80dB which adds up to give high - fidelity audio output. Not only this has the product had Built-in dual BTL power amplifier circuit which helps in ultra low power consumption, thus making it an energy saving product. Other features: The product is provided with an On / Off button, and volume wheel to set the desired volume. The preferred temperature needed to run the product without any hassles ranges from 0'C - 40'C. The package contains Mini Look Wooden USB Speaker (quantity-1). This remarkable product with exceptional design and audiophile quality is available at a price of $16.81 only, so just order & grab it from China electronics wholesale.
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