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The Movil MC 100 tries to make a standing in the

by:Yatai     2020-06-07
This Phone is well built , though slightly bulky as it incorporates a higher capacity batter with a rating of 1350mAh.It has a steel metallic coated plastic strip running across the contours of the front panel ,steel metallic finish on the media control buttons and on the navigation control dial which is located at the top of the keypad .The keypad and edges of the LCD screen have a black glossy finish and the battery cover has a chrome textured finish. The phone has classy looks and design and a nice contrast is presented with different finishes on the phone like Glossy black , Steel metallic and chrome finish. At the top centre of the back panel , there is a 3.2MP camera and at the lower portion of the back panel , there are two pairs of depressed holes on either sides representing the 3D Yamaha Power Amplifier speakers. The keypad layout is simple and is constituted by a navigation control dial which encloses the circular select button and by six strips of keys arranged in six rows with narrow paths separating them. This keypad design was quite convenient as it provided comfortable finger navigation leading to superior control over typing. This resulted in accurate typing and reduced the need to register the input again and again. The touchscreen , however had a different story altogether. It was quite buggy and unresponsive at times, especially while unlocking the keypad. The piece reviewed by us came without a stylus, making it all the more difficult to use the touchscreen and thus we had to type the entire text with the hardware keypad. Since there was no stylus, its accuracy could not be tested. Performance This Movil Mobile Phone yielded decent results in the signal reception and voice clarity test. Signal reception was consistent across all the three zones. But , across zone two and three , voice clarity wavered , specially with the device earpiece and the loud speaker. As we increased the call volume to the maximum, voice clarity distorted even further. The voice clarity with handsfree was quite good across all the three zones as a result of the noise isolation technology incorporated in the phone.The Bluetooth transfer speed test resulted in very poor performance , with a score of just 330kbps as compared to 736 kbps recorded by Fly MV135. The still photo test produced crisp and lively images.But failed to deliver similar results in the captured video quality test , with out of focus and distorted images due to pixelated artefacts.In the video playback test ,grainy particles were visible against dark colours like red and black , but the good part was that the video frame rates were crisp and consistent. In the music test ,the sound reproduction was quite impressive and had a well balanced bass and treble effects. The loud speaker delivered clear and loud sound as it was enhanced by the 3D amplifier. The same , however could not be said about the audio quality of the earphones , which was very average. Also , while trying to fit the earphone head into the ear, one of the covers of the earphones came off , thereby indicating their ordinary build and design quality. The display quality was good with satisfactory viewing angles. However , under sunlight the display legibility was very ordinary with blurred images and icons. Reading a text in sunlight was next to impossible. CONCLUSION The Smartphone with a rich set of features. The mobile tracker and the intuitive widget interface add value to the phone. At the price tag of Rs 4499 , it is a value for money phone if you are willing to ignore the mediocre video camera. Thus , if you are not much into videos and want a lot of other features in your phone ,this phone is definitely worth it. To check out the list of Nikon Digital Cameras Price List 2011 visit to the Nokia Mobile Price List 2011 and gather all the updates of new technology.
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