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The home theater is not only a symbol of fashion

by:Yatai     2020-05-16
Home theater's usual techniques mainly include: The new generation of display technology (including high-definition large-screen flat-panel TVs, projectors, etc.), the new generation of audio technologies such as Dolby Pro Logic system (moving targets such as airplanes, trains have obvious effects), THX system (replay effects are particularly have black sense and sense of space), Dolby AC-3 system (the best surround sound system at present) and DSP technology (digital sound field processing technology, it can make home listening environments similar to cinema, theaters, concert halls, teaching field effect while combination with Dolby surround sound system). How to make good mix of audio and video equipment to set up a home theater closer to the theaters' effect has always been the pursuit of many audio and video enthusiasts. Home theater is mainly composed by a sound system and video system The audio system considers audio decoding system and multi-channel, video system considers video transmission and interfaces (the main transmission modes are digital and analog transmission mode). Mainstream audio decoding is a DVD even HTPC core digital surround sound formats, and the latest system supports the Dolby Digital EX6.1 decode of THX SURROUND EX and dts es, as well as multi-channel digital audio DVD-Audio and SACD. As for the multi-sound Road replay system is technically very similar, the difference mainly lies grade. And sound as a system, it is combination of a variety of equipments, we should consider each part of the equipment while we buying. Sound system The speaker is a terminal of audio replay, it is also most likely to be ignored in a home theater. A good speaker involves acoustics, electromagnetism, mechanics, materials science and other disciplines. It is the key to affect the audio playback effect. There is not a simple six planks and several speakers make a sound system. In X.1 AV speaker system, the subwoofer is the most important, it can enhance the effect of the bass, and the most shocking subwoofer performs well when the bass is below 100Hz. In addition, the ideal home theater requires individual channels consistent -The front left and right sides of the main speaker playback sound quality requires highest, and the center speaker and the rear surround speakers can be smaller than the main speaker, but it must be consistent with the sound of the main speakers. AV amplifier is the center of audio replay, which is characterized by multi-channel sound reproduction. A home AV amplifier requires at least have a Dolby Digital surround sound decoding playback functions. Now, mainstream audio and video media can provide 5.1 surround sound including DVD, EVD, Blue-ray DVD, HTPC, and so on. AV equalizer is used to compensate for the indoor space acoustic characteristics of the defect. AV equalizer is used to compensate for the indoor space acoustic characteristics of the defect. A set of high-quality home theater sound system requires the front three channels and the subwoofer cannot lack of equalizer. Video System The mainstream video system is digitally transmission, mainly contains the component, DVI and HDMI. The video portion as the entire system is very important, it usually requires the big screen and supported progressive scan LCD, plasma TV or projector. Equipment minimum standards must be more than a 37-inch and even 42-inch LCD TV or plasma display terminal. If you want to take your videos, audios and photographs into a DVD and share them on home theater with your families, or if you would like to convert a home-made DVD to any other format videos, audios, and even images, you can go to visit http://www.league-soft.com/mac-dvd-tools.html, you will find knids of DVD creator or converter software there. For example, dvd to mpeg converter for Mac is a software supports to convert dvd to mpeg format on Mac.
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