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The Company report provides the review of 2010

by:Yatai     2020-06-30
North America Europe Asia Pacific Region (APAC) Rest of the World A Fusion Splicer is specialized instrument used to join optical fibers to each other. This is the report of the The Company study of fusion splice machines used for selected fiber optic-based communication applications and for the purpose of the manufacturing of components to be used (consumed) in the selected communication applications. 2010 Consumption Value Jumped 35% over 2009 The global consumption value of fiber optic fusion splice equipment in 2010 increased 35% over 2009. The consumption value is forecast to increase dramatically by a factor of 2x from 2010-2015, with strongly rising quantity growth partially offset by a continuing decline of average prices. Note: Market forecast data in this study report refers to consumption (use) for a particular calendar year; therefore, this data is not cumulative data. APAC to Take Market Share Lead Last year in 2010, North America led in the consumption value of fiber optic fusion splicers; however, helped along substantially by consumption in China, the Asia Pacific region (APAC) is forecast increase in relative market share during the forecast period, driven by countries throughout the region that are bringing fiber closer to the drop-areas (FTTx), as well as the use of fusion splicers in the manufacturing of fiber optic components/devices. Rest of World The Rest of World (ROW) regional segment covers the Middle East, Africa (MEA) and Central/South America. The Central/South America region, especially, is showing aggressive growth rates in terms of fiber optic fusion splicer purchases. The Company Consultants has recently opened an office in South America to assist our clients that have an interest in expanding their sales revenue in the region. Market Forecast by End-Use Application The The Company global fiber optic fusion splicer market is segmented into the following major application categories: http://www.aarkstore.com/reports/Fiber-Optic-Fusion-Splicer-Global-Market-Review-and-Forecast-55512.html
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