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Rear speakers with high watt output power: The

by:Yatai     2020-06-16
13cms 2WAY speaker space adapters: adapter is used to the front and rear speakers with amplifier and subwoofer combination. Maximum power of 130 W: The maximum power of 130 W sound system is driven by the amplifier. Rated power of 25 W: The minimum power is driven by the amplifier to the sound system 25 W. 4-channel amplifier with 400 watts: Power Amplifier is designed for driving more than 2 to 4 explore ways used. Frequency response from 40 to 25.000 Hz: The incidence is still on / flat - we can supply high 3db.so clear and smooth sound output. The sensitivity of the sound system is specified as 89 dB sensitivity tolerance describes the sound system, which is given by 84 db. Woofer size is approximately 13 cm for easy installation purpose: there woofer brings high-frequency output of the amplifier and the material from injection-molded polypropylene woofer cone for better power performance. Impedance 4-Volt: Impedance Energizer drives more power out of the speakers. Power: PowerRating for this sound system is almost 150 watts. Interfaces: The BMW interface is used to connect to the car radio and iPod devices with each other, so that the iPod can be controlled directly from the radio. By using the BMW iPod interface, we can get the most out of the iPod device. Do with the iPod device, without the interface does not make sense. The purpose of installation of the BMW iPod interface is made simple as it can be to do it yourself. After installing the iPod with the radio via the interface, you can control it easily in a single click. Do not forget the real BMW cable use to get high quality sound effects. Adapter: This adapter BMW was recently in the market in 2002.And it was the world's first systematic integration between an iPod device and vehicle audio system instead. We can supply all the sorted songs, playlists, genres, albums and podcasts directly on the display screen of the iPod screen. Search functions, repeat and shuffle playback playback functions can be performed with this interface. If the car is well equipped with full control, then you can use the iPod without controlling your hands off the steering wheel. The iPod comes with the radio turned on after connecting to the interface. The radio buttons can also be used around the iPod Device Control to change the song lists. The BMW 3-E46-speaker sound system and are designed simply perfect. They produce high quality digital sound with a powerful amplifier and woofer. In E46 we can get high quality sound by using original adapter
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