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Quarterly Summary

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Quarterly Summary

Quarterly Summary


Last week, we made the quarterly summary. Each employee summed up his sales for the quarter and elected the champion runner-up team and commended the team. This move not only encouraged employees but also gave employees further goals. Strive for greater benefits for the company. And contribute to the company's further development. Workers in the factory gather together at night, and the boss gives gifts and bonuses to everyone. Like this picture:

For our company, we have so many advantages, for example:

1. We have our own factory that has over 100 workers.

2. We have cooperated with Chinese government over 20 years.

3. Our company was founded in 1997 that has 22 years production eperience.


Now I want to introduce our main product:

1. 1310/1550nm direct modulated optical transmitter 1550nm external modulated optical transmitter MINI 1310/1550nm optical transmitter

2. High power EDFA  CATV RF Amplifier  MINI EDFA

3. Outdoor type optical receiver  Mini passive optical node  Active wdm optical node  Passive wdm optical node  FTTH intelligent optical node  Active optical node

4. CATV modulator

5. LNB

6. Related optic products ( PLC splitter  distribution box  patch cord  etc.)


Should any of these items be interest to you, with the hope that we may work with you in the future.


Recently sold products have high power EDFA optical receivers and CATV modulator. 

If you are interested in our products, please feel free to contact me.


Looking forward to your early reply~