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Optical Transmitter

1. The optical transmitter is mainly divided into two types: direct optical transmitter and external optical transmitter, the direct optical transmitter has      1310nm and 1550nm waves, the external optical transmitter only has 1550nm wave; the built-in lasers are ORTEL.
2. The direct optical transmitter has a small output power, generally below 20mw, and the transmission distance is short, below 30 km. The external optical transmitter has a large output power and a long transmission distance, and can transmit 30-300 km.
3. Designed with pre-distortion circuit, can get higher CNR value. Meanwhile, transmitter tv can guarantee good CTB and CSO parameter values, and its SBS value is 10dB;LCD display control in the front panel;Dual power supply hot-plug to prevent one power damage affect use.
4. The rf transmitter enters electricity, the output is light, and the output is connected to the optical amplifier or directly to the optical receiver.
5. Our external modulated optical transmitter can offer dispersion pre-compensation function; Our optical transmitters can offer AGC and SNMP functions.
6. The SBS value will affect C/N,CTB and CSO value, if the SBS exceed the actual required value, it will increased the dispersion,so that the effective transmitter distance of the optical signal is shortened. Our SBS value is suitable.
7. It suitable for difference frequency system:NTSC,PAL; dual-port high power balanced output; Can offer 4 fans to improve heat dissipation.

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