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Optical Fiber Amplifier

1. The EDFA's working frequency band is at the lowest fiber loss (1525-1565nm). 

2. High power amplifier and high energy conversion efficiency. The laser working substance is concentrated in the concentrated part of the optical fiber core, and the signal light and the pump light are also strongest in the paraxial portion. In addition, the light and the substance function sufficiently.  

3. Frequency bandwidth. Simultaneous amplification of multiple signals - wavelength division multiplexing.  

4. High gain, low noise, and large output signals. The gain of the optical amplifier is up to 40db. The output power is 14dbm in a one-way pump and 17-20dbm in a two-way pump. When the product is fully pumped, the noise figure can be as low as 3-4db, and the crosstalk is low.

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