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Multimeter, we know as a tool which used to measure

by:Yatai     2020-06-10
Multimeters are divided into types. One is analog model, another one is digital model. We often called the digital model as the digital multimeter, the analog model as the analog mulitmeter. Digital multimeter displays the results in numbers, but analog one indicates the value with a needle over a scale. Here, I am going to tell the tips about how to choose a digital multimeter or analog multimeter. Firstly, the accuracy of the analog multimeter is poor, but the process of the pointers swing is relatively straightforward. Sometimes this range of swing speed reflects objectively the size of what be measured. Reading of digital multimeter will be intuitively, but the changes of the figures looks very messy. It is not easy to observe. Secondly, generally speaking the pointer table has two batteries which is a low voltage 1.5V and a high voltage 9V or 15V. The black meter pen is positive side which is relative to the red one. However, digital multimeter often uses a battery of 6V or 9V. Thirdly, when in the voltage profile, the internal resistance of analog multimeter is smaller than digital multimeter one, and the accuracy of analog one is less than the digital one. However, the resistance of digital one is at least in meohm level. It has little effect on the test circuit. But it is easy affected by extremely high output impedance. So the test status may be virtual in the situations which are stronger electromagnetic. In a word, analog multimeters are suit for measuring analog circuit which is high current or high voltage, such as TV, audio amplifier. However, digital multimeters are suit for digital circuit which is low voltage and low current, such as BP machines, mobile phones. Of course, it is not absolute, you can depend on specific situations to choose which one. If you are interested in digital multimeters, you might want to buy a high quality and cheap price digital one, highly recommend you view youroscilloscope.com.
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