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Most appropriate and effective treatment for you

by:Yatai     2020-04-25
Surgeon Most breast cancer treated with surgery to try to remove all the tumor cells. O (mastectomy) or partial (lumpectomy), breast cancer will be eliminated. Chemotherapy Chemotherapy in the whole body (systemic) treatment. In this case it is recommended that if there is an increased risk of cancer recurrence, such as enlargement. Radiotherapy Radiotherapy is very effective and widely used method for treating breast cancer. Generally after surgery and / or chemotherapy, but can be, especially when the tumor is larger or heavier work in the hotel. Radiotherapy may be administered after surgery in the breast tissue, or other chest wall after a mastectomy. The goal of radiotherapy is to destroy microscopic cancer cells remained in the area after the operation. How can I provide? Radiation therapy uses photons are generally issued for the entire breast, and also other areas in the lymph nodes of the armpit (the vagina), bone (supraclavicular - SCF) or the sternum (between the dairy chain - MS). Many women last week of treatment with an electronic amplifier for the location of the tumor bed alone. Chest radiotherapy can be given in 15 to 30 procedures, depending on the factors mentioned above. In general, once daily, Monday through Friday. Patient For radiation, you go to bed nursing administration is committed to a strong trend towards the sternum is positioned horizontally on a stretcher therapy. Breast Board considered difficult and some patients a little annoying, but please, tell him the radiologist in planning meetings, if you can help. Depending on the type of treatment, or should one or both hands above her head because radiation can be planned and effective treatment. Once after the surgery arm and shoulder can overcome stress and difficult decisions in difficult situations. It is therefore important to exercise regularly practiced hands, because you have a medical team to promote flexibility and displacement. Side effects of radiotherapy for cancer The most common side effects of radiotherapy to the chest as a skin reaction and fatigue. If we look at the side of this page, you will learn the best methods to solve problems. Here are some other recommendations to control and reduce the volume of the response of radiotherapy in skin cancer. * Your skin will feel most vulnerable and pain around the nipple and the edge of the breast (especially if you have a bra cup size C or later). This is because the skin is naturally sensitive to sunlight and can work on the road creates a rebound type of reaction folds. For help with this, it is important not to use the bracket time and for several weeks after treatment with radiotherapy and cable works like a rubber directly onto the skin - this in turn makes it sensitive and irritable. If you can go without a bra, do it because it would be better for your skin. But if you can not go braless choose one that is smooth, wide and comfortable.
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