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Many people who suffer impairment in their sense

by:Yatai     2020-06-10
Hearing impairment had become prevalent in any society. Aside from people who were born with the deformity, some people lost their hearing because of diseases. Aging people also develop hard of hearing conditions. The good thing here is that technological innovations had been introduced in the old styles of hearing aids. Today there are different high quality hearing devices that you can choose from. For the past decades, the hearing instruments had been revolutionized. In their more primitive styles, the hearing aids are the non-electric ear trumpet kinds. They were often made of animal horns. These had been transformed into the modern digital technology that we have today - compact in size that they are discreet when worn. They can be very high in quality but can be possibly invisible. Let us try to have a little history about the hearing aid. The earliest form is funnel-shaped device that was used to guide the sound into the ear. This was helpful if you have mild case of hearing loss but when you have a high degree of hearing impairment, this kind can hardly make the sounds audible. In the 1900s the electronic hearing aid was invented. This was the analog kind, not really perfect but was better than the first funnel-shaped kind. This functioned as amplifier that increased the volume of sound. The size was later reduced and was integrated with programmable features. With the advent of digital technology, the hearing aids were innovated from the analog to the digital kinds. In the digital model, the sound improved a lot such that analog started to be phased out. Today, there are five main types of hearing aids. One is the RIC or receiver-in-the-inner-canal kind. In the RIC there is a small speaker wire that travels into the pinna then to the ear canal. A second kind is the behind-the-ear or BTE. This is worn on top of the ear. A tube connects this top to the front of the ear. This has different sizes and there are very small kinds that almost look invisible when worn. The third kind is in-the-ear or ITE model and this fits very well into the bowl of the ear. It has a receiver that extends into the ear canal. As this is placed in the ear, the user is assured that it is easy to insert and remove. The fourth kind is the in-the-canal or ITC model. This is the smallest version and it can be equipped with more than one microphone. It effectively reduces noise and it is custom fit inside the ear. The fifth model is the CIC or completely-in-the-canal which like the other kinds is custom fit to the ear. It is placed in the ear canal and its location makes it entirely invisible. This is more difficult to insert and remove. Furthermore the CIC kind requires more maintenance as this is affected by moisture and wax build-up. If you are suffering from hearing impairment, you can use one of these kinds of hearing aids. However, you have to consult first your ear doctor. This doctor needs to assess your condition before deciding which type is best for you.
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