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by:Yatai     2020-04-23
Some Testing Results Ideally, an amplifier needs to be intimately connected to the loudspeaker so that the cable does not cause any distortion or power loss. This means that the wire should not have any inductance, resistance, or capacitance, which means having a very short speaker wire. This all results in being able to get the best performance and improve the sound. The actual cable is in charge of what kind of signal you get and is proportional to the length of the cable. Even a subtle difference in the length of your cable will make a dramatic difference. If you sit very close to your speakers, you obviously will not need a longer cable. Some manufacturers install the amplifiers right inside the speakers and some customers prefer this, while many do not. Many commercially manufactured speaker wire use a higher voltage because it improves the transmission in much the same way that high voltage utility lines are able to carry the power over many miles. Research Researchers mainly concentrated on the resistance and inductance of the cable because the electron flow is impeded between the loudspeaker and amplifier. Loss of all frequency from the resistance makes for it being a loss that is proportional to frequency. Not considered significant, the value of capacitance will not affect the audio band although it can still be important sometimes. New Types of Cable The new and improved kinds of cable reduce inductance and resistance, improving the connection between the amplifier and speaker. There are two categories; a low inductance-high capacitance coaxial or interwoven type and the multi-strand twin lead with different gauges. An example of this type would be a zip cord or lamp cord. Within the two speaker cable categories, the performance is quite similar and the cables identical at a higher frequency. Accessing Speaker Cable It is difficult to get results when trying for the extreme performance ones. 10 feet of cable that has cables and speakers that are terminated properly show very subtle differences in sound. Conclusion Many will still claim to hear a definite difference and thats where the choice of speaker wire that you purchase comes into play. Whether you spend a little or a lot, your audio should always be to your own budget and preference.
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