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Jong-hoon Oh, CEO of Pulsus Technology (audio

by:Yatai     2020-06-04
He said 'this product is the integrated semiconductor (SoC- System on a Chip) that have Microcontroller (MCU), Digital audio amp chip and inter space functions on just one chip. We would plan to make more than 30% of total sales growth in 2012 for audio semiconductor used docking speaker.' He added that 'He plans to enter the semiconductor industry for network audio that is available to share with wireless among the various home devices in the long term and to promote to KOSDOC next year.' In 2000, Pulsus created the Direct Digital Converter (DDC) for a 2-channel full-digital amplifier and in 2001, a 6-channel DDC for home theater. In 2003, they created the full-digital amplifier for mobile phones and most recently in 2010; the USB streaming full-digital amplification processor was developed. Not only are these the products of Pulsus, these are all the first products of their kind to succeed in worldwide commercialization. Pulsus technology provides Samsung Electronics and LG Electronics digital audio amplified chip, and more than 70% of domestic market share is being recorded in this field. Introduction of Company (Pulsus Technology): Pulsus technologies, world leader of full-digital amplification technology, is a company with expertise in System on Chip (SoC) for audio Signal processing. In September of 2000, Pulsus was the first to succeed in developing and commercializing the Direct Digital Converter (DDC), which is the core semiconductor of the full-digital amplifier. Now Pulsus holds nearly a 60% market share for full-digital amplifiers worldwide, making their products the most widely used digital amplifier solution. Introduction of Product (IC Chip): Highly integrated system-on-chip solution for digital USB streaming computer speakers, home theater and smart phone. (USB PC Speaker): True hi-fi speaker with captivating design that makes an ideal partner for PC. Its high-resolution digital amplifier and lossless digital USB streaming interface deliver jaw-dropping sound. inquiry URL http://kompass.kr/INQ/inquiry_com2.php?AA_company_id=017598&cemail=nana@pulsus.co.kr&biz_type=13&in_type=2&am=eunice@kompass.co.kr&co_lang=2
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