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In the Porsche models, the speed of light through

by:Yatai     2020-06-18
Porsche's PCM system Customers ordering the vehicle and select the level of equipment, you can decide what elements need to be integrated into the PCM system. PCM through the CAN (Controller Area Network) network with the instrument cluster, instrument cluster so the driver can listen to the radio display shows the current name, CD's track name, phone number, and navigation and other content such as charts. Porsche PCM is another highlight of the electronic management of technology, gives customers exceptional comfort and convenience. PCM phase of the Internet contains a number of modules, such as dual tuner, CD player, dynamic route navigation and trip computer, which for the optional dual-band GSM mobile phone design that reflects the humanity, the color screen to 16:9 aspect ratio to display clear and bright images. Dual-band mobile phone that contains 12 figures and symbols of the keyboard, for direct input phone number or a specific radio frequency, operation is extremely simple. 12-digit keypad below a small sign the card device, when users need to use their mobile phone SIM card to make a call, the SIM card can be inserted into the card device. PCM navigation module has many advantages, such as: the ability to continue to lock the best frequency of advanced dual-tuner ensures interference-free radio reception; using full-duplex transmission can answer the phone quality was significantly improved. Highlight the advantages of the navigation module PCM navigation module of the outstanding benefits include: 1. System startup speed, using the graphical display, and DVD technology through the mass storage. 2. Rich navigation features available. 3. With the need to change the way meeting point enlarged image. 4. The display shows traffic information: Traffic Message Channel (TMC) function can display the map on the display of traffic congestion (as well as the length and the cumulative traffic congestion situation), and guide the driver on the road routes to follow the dynamic navigation . 5. Scroll map: a map through the use of a large number of display options, user can pan the map display, scrolling and positioning operations. Special antenna system PCM navigation module in addition to the already proven in practical use of radio antennas, GPS antenna for navigation system and telephone antenna outside, PCM is also equipped with an advanced diversity antenna system. The system is also integrated in the windscreen of the four antenna wire, with the ability to ensure the FM signal is always the most ideal location of the antenna to receive. Diversity antenna system controlled by a special antenna amplifier to further reduce the radio signal reception process by the interference.
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