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by:Yatai     2020-06-10
History Lesson For many years we would combine separate units and were able to produce some awesome sounds. We could buy the following devices and combine them: These sounded terrific but the space issue wasn't something everyone enjoyed. Then along came the advent of MP3 technology. All of a sudden you could store hundreds of thousands of tracks on a tiny memory stick. People became obsessed with micro systems and seemed to forget about the whole purpose of sound quality. The tracks were so compressed that it was hard to make a decent tune with the tiny sound files. The IPOD managed to rectify this and soon music quality was important again. So Let's Build a System Before you rush out with your list of things to buy, you need to assess what space you have available for your new system. If you have a cramped room, you will not be interested in a high power hifi system. The room size is critical when choosing amps and speaker systems. You should also think about your budget and what type of music you enjoy. Start With The Amp Amplifiers are the heart to all good sound systems, you can scrimp a bit on the other units, but you must buy the best amp that you can afford. Here are a few you should seriously consider: Speakers A good amp is worthless without great quality speakers to spread the sound evenly. Here are two great options available for you: Digital or CD? The final choice, after your amp and speakers, is to decide on the format you want for your music. CD quality is legendary but digital music is the way forward. You should think hard about your choice and remember the space issues you can face with thousands of CD's lying around. A good compromise is to use both formats and upgrade your digital system when your budget is healthy again.
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