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by:Yatai     2020-06-13
At this point you should know that no matter what stereo equipment you choose it is always personal choice. Name brand, size, look, wattage, and sound are all the things one may look for while choosing a subwoofer. Just be sure that once you have chosen the sub you prefer that you also choose an amplifier with sufficient power for your woofer. Too much power can be harmful to your subwoofer, but so can too little power. Ask questions, learn: your salesman should be able to help you with this. Ok so you have your woofer and amplifier picked out, now it is time for the install. This part may or may not be tricky but I will guarantee that if you want it to look as good as it sounds you will have to work for it. I am talking about the wires to be ran. Be sure you hide them well and that they will not be damaged or pinched or snagged on anything. This may require you to remove your seats or some inner trim in order to hide the wires properly. Before you start have a look to know where you will be running the cables. For just the basic sub and amp install, an amplifier install kit is what I would recommend. It should come with your power cable w/inline fuse, a remote wire, a fuse, and the electrical connections so tape is not required. I have always found these kits to be handy and cost efficient. So go get one at your local electronics dealer. Or just buy the wire and tape to do it yourself, it is just not as professional looking. Start by running your power wire w/inline fuse threw the fire wall of your vehicle (use existing holes for other things that already go threw the fire wall). Run the power all the way threw the wall and under your carpets and trim, to where you plan to have the amplifier sitting (commonly bolted to the subwoofer box). Do not cut any wire until all wires have been laid out to where they go! Power is the only wire threw the fire wall required so once complete the rest is inside. For the next steps read this and the next paragraph before beginning. The RCA wire (came with kit) and the remote wire can be run at the same time. The RCA commonly connects in the rear of your player so can be connected at the same time as the remote and run the exact same to the amplifier. So in the next paragraph 'remote wire' and 'RCA wire' can be interchanged for directions to install. Now run the remote wire (came with kit). This wire is commonly spliced into the power wire of your in-dash player. Doing so allows for easier install because this power wire is already factory threw your fuse box and ignition. You can wire it into your fuse and ignition separately yourself but it will be more difficult. Run the remote wire cleanly along with the power wire you just ran and take it to where your amplifier will be. Ok with NO POWER going to the wires, use the install instructions that comes with the amplifier and connect all the wires as directed. The ground wire is usually short and goes from the amplifier directly to somewhere on the bare metal body of the vehicle. Find a spot. There is lots. Be sure all your connections are tight and properly connected. Once all wires are connected, attach the power to the battery and turn your system on. If done correctly, you will have power to all components and may now start to fine tune your sound using the dials and adjusters on the amplifier. That was simple right? Ok maybe it was a little more effort then I described, but I am also unaware of the type of vehicle you may own. However, are you not glad you saved the money and did it yourself? The sound means more to your ears knowing it was done by you. Of course there is more components that may be added and I will discuss them in further articles. Keep reading.
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