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If you are a gadget freak then you must take a

by:Yatai     2020-07-01
The DVR receiver contains two separate tuners in one feature packed unit namely TV1 and TV2. By using TV1, you can connect the receiver to a TV in the same room, whereas TV2 will allow you to connect two or more television set. The receiver has a built in modulator and by using this feature people can use TV2 tuner. You can use the receiver in two modes single and Dual. Single mode will help you to change tuners for viewing multiple programs in a single TV. In dual mode you can record a live television while watching another channel. PIP or Picture-in-Picture is yet another feature that you will find on many dish TV DVR receivers. This innovative feature allows you to watch more then one television program in a single television screen. In this system, one channel program is showcased in full screen whereas the other one is displayed in inset windows. You can use access to this feature by pressing the 'PIP' button in one of the remote controls. Yes! This DVR satellite TV receiver comes with two platinum plus remote controls. Another interesting feature of this device is the presence of Name Based Recording feature. The incorporation of this feature has made this receiver even more desirable. By using this feature you can schedule the recording of your favorite television show on the basis of its title. Gone are the days where you need to remember the broadcasting date and time of your preferred television program. In some cases, the telecast date and time of a TV show might get altered and that can cause some problem. But if you have a Name Based Recording enabled dish TV receiver, you don't have to worry about missing your show. The Dish 625 Duo DVR Receiver will automatically record this show for you. The remote control unit that will be supplied along with Dish 625 Duo DVR Receiver is really something to talk about. You will be getting two Platinum plus Remote control devices that are ergonomically designed for maximum comfort. One of the remote is capable of controlling your TV and DVD player apart from the satellite TV DVR receiver. And the other is capable of controlling the DVR receiver even from 200 feet irrespective of any obstruction. Additional features include program information, enhanced Manual and automatic timers, extended electronic program guide, Dolby Digital audio output, custom program controls, one-touch channel return, on-screen dish CD song titling, Toslink optical digital output and many more. You will get excellent after sales service and even 24 hours customer support. Get the receiver for you and your family and see feel the freedom.
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