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how to fix common problems with electric hot water systems

by:Yatai     2019-12-14
When your electric hot water system starts to cause you trouble, please go through the series of diagnostics and solutions given in this article before calling a professional.
This will help you save quite a bit of time and money.
The electric hot water system is very similar to the gas system, and the only difference is that these systems use heating elements that rely on electricity to operate, not gas.
So, there are many problems that you may face, and you will certainly also face the electric gas system.
However, there are some problems that are unique to the electric hot water system, including excessive sediment
Failure of heating element, Fuse and thermostat problem.
If you recently turn on the tap and notice some turbid water and then make a lot of noise, the culprit here is the accumulation of sediment.
If it is not repaired in time, the sediment accumulated at the bottom of the tank will eventually destroy the heating element.
The easiest way to solve this problem is to rinse the heater.
Rinse your electric hot water system by turning off the power and the water of the heater.
Then take a garden hose and attach it to the drain hole of the heater that is usually located below.
The other end of the hose should enter the drain.
Then open the drain valve usually located on the side of the device.
If you can\'t find the exhaust valve, please refer to your heating device manual.
Once all the water is discharged, turn on the cold water and let it run until you see no more mud flowing out of the hose.
You can turn on the system once the water is clean.
To prevent dirty or sand-containing water from entering your water pipe, use the above method to drain 4 gallons of water from your water tank every two months.
Continuous drainage can avoid you having to fully drain and clean everything when there is a problem.
You will also find a clean hot water tank more energy efficient.
If you hear the banging and hissing from the hot water pipe, then that means the temperature is too high.
Normally, the steam collected in the hot water pipe causes all the rackets.
The easiest solution is to lower the temperature slightly.
Turn it down to around 120 degrees, which will help you save money and you won\'t notice any difference in the hot water you receive.
The problem here is that your electric hot water system is not recovering fast enough.
If you empty the tank, it will take about 60 minutes for the tank to be fully filled and heated.
However, if you don\'t consume more than usual, the problem may be a failure of the heating element.
Just open the access box for the unit and check if both elements are burning when powered on.
If these are not burning, just take it out and add a new one.
This is usually a $5 to $10 replacement and is easy to do.
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