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How about the minimum order value for OEM products?
To increase order values, we prefer to define a minimum order value for OEM orders placed by customers. We are a professional manufacturer with years of experience in productions. Our continuous development is supported by various conditions, including the minimum order value for different product categories. It is regarded as a threshold to cooperate with us in terms of OEM service. Customers should understand it is quite important for us to have a profit from the OEM business and to maintain our status in the markets.

Yantai Yatai Photoelectricity Equipment CO.,LTD is technologically advanced as a gpon ont manufacturer. Yatai Photoelectricity Equipment provides a wide range of edfa for customers. It has been widely admitted that wall switch plays an important role in the well operation of household appliances. With network interface, it has high maneuverability. It is widely used in the applications of electronic products, electrical engineering materials, aerospace material, and mechanical engineering. It works stably under impact and vibration conditions.

We take clients' high satisfaction as our ultimate goal. We will honor every one of our commitments and follow up by actively listening to clients' needs and concerns.
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