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Great vibrant and clear images on your screen

by:Yatai     2020-05-16
Here are the items you need to complete your surround system installation: Speaker's manual guideline Speaker Cable Wire Cutter or Splitter Surge Protector Connector cables Screws and screw mounts (if you're planning to wall mount your speakers) Power Drill (if you're planning to wall mount your front speakers) You need to find the best spot, seat location to enjoy watching images at good quality and listen to your audio effects. The use of surround system is to enrich the audio reproduction feature of TV sets, DVD players, and video systems. With the use of a receiver, DVD players, video and game components and TV sets, are able send out acoustic signals to the speakers and subwoofer. Usually surround systems involves installation of a receiver, 2 front left-right speakers, 2 rear surround speakers, a middle speaker, and a subwoofer. Once you have the items needed in installing your surround sound setup, you have to determine the distance, which is around 6-10 ft, away from your TV set. Place the 2 front speakers on 4 to 5 ft away on both side of the TV set, faced to a side wall, you can wall mount these speakers or situate the speakers in shelves. Place the midpoint speakers above or below of the TV set, while the subwoofer situated beside the TV or anywhere you feel comfortable putting the system. The 2 left and right rear surround speakers should be place behind the seating area, with as much distance as the front speakers. Take speaker cable and cut 5 pieces at span that reach from the receiver to each one of the five speakers and connect to the back of the amplifier. Attach the positive and negative terminals by stripping a small quantity of plastic tip or cover, and joint the strands as one. While doing so, make sure that all equipments are unplugged. After installing cables from DVD player to the TV set and amplifier attach audio video cables to the DVD player.
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