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GPS System consists of Antenna, LNA, SAW filter

by:Yatai     2020-06-17
Antenna: - It transfers the transmitter energy to signals in space with the required distribution and efficiency. It also measures the direction accurately. Low Noise Amplifier (LNA):- It is a special type of electronic amplifier which amplify the weak signal received by the Antenna and to reduce the noise into the received signal also. It is often placed very close to antenna to minimize the losses occurs in the coaxial cable feed line because it is very loss at microwave frequencies. Surface Acoustic Wave Filter (SAW):- SAW filters received the amplified signal from Low Noise Amplifier and fed to the GPS RF Front-End. It is electromechanical devices in which electrical signals are converted to a mechanical wave in a device constructed of a piezoelectric crystal or ceramic. GPS RF Front-End:- RF front end is a generic term which is found in a receiver that sits between the antenna and the intermediate frequency (IF) stage. GPS Module: - It includes Fox Crystal Oscillators, RTC crystal having frequency 32.768 KHz and an LDO (Low drop out) regulator. Few series of FOX are used as a TCXO in GPS application such as FOX923GP, FOX914 and FOX312BE series because of clipped sine output, 0.5 PPM stability, and 1.8 to 3.3 operating voltages. FOX series are used as a RTC crystal in GPS application such as FX255, FX145 and FX135 series because of long term stability and frequency of 32.768 KHz. The Fox products which are used in GPS application are RoHS-Compliant product.
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