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Get dramatic bass that really moves you with exclusive

by:Yatai     2020-06-07
High-end professional headphones with MDR-Z1000 studio monitor are a perfect choice for professional Djs, producers, and musicians. Stimulating a sound platform which is closer to the sound source, providing a balanced tone and perfect idea of how your music sounds. The Xb series makes it for luxurious listening perfectly with king-sizeartificial leather ear cushions and pressure-relieving urethane. Look excellent as they sound with hairline finished aluminium and a seamless flat headband. For professional Djs, the studio monitor headphones delivers studio-quality sound and extras that make monitoring beats simple. With the help of reversable ear cups for single-sided DJ monitoring come up with an automatic swivel mechanism returning them to the exact position. Come up with long leads and a unimatch plug used with decks and other musical equipments. Combined with two technologies that were specifically created for bass lovers. The extra bass drive units for faster response to driving bass lines. The Direct Vibe structures to prevent sound leakage. There are some other headphones which can't deal with the low booming bass of urban, hip- hop and club music, all in the same way. Most of the modern headphones can't handle the big basslines of dance tracks. Developing the new XB driver visiting a lot of clubs working closely with Djs to come up with a new approach. Featured with a long-stroke diaphragm that accurately produces ultra-flow frequency tones. Extra corrugations makes it reacts quickly to provide a deep fat sound. Dedicated to Providing dynamic bass from 40mm drivers, Extra bass headphones are just perfect for beats with a killer bass line. With this direct vibe structure and special driver units, this produces powerful and extended bass sound that proves to be perfect for club music lovers. Enjoy your music as loud as you want with a unique acoustic design with minimal sound leakage without disturbing others. Maximise your cell digital enjoyment with Sony 's latest and superb touch screen player, The NWZ-X1050 Video MP3 Player. Featured with unrivalled audio technologies like S-MAster Digital Amplifier and others. Prepare your ears to treat with a rich audio experience.
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