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Gefen supplies a wide range of signal switchers

by:Yatai     2020-06-13
The GefenTV 2.1 Audio Amplifier w/ Volume Stabilizer also incorporates a Dolby Digital decoder for downmixing 7.1 or 5.1 channels of audio to 2.1 channels. The Dolby Volume technology automatically provides regular audio levels irrespective of the broadcast program kind (movies, commercials or TV shows). This latest innovation of Gefen provides amplification of upto 50 Watts/channel through the unit's speaker outputs and a line-level output for a powered subwoofer along with line-level main (left and right) outputs. An RS-232 port is offered for automation. In order to ensure easy access and control, you can use the front panel control buttons, either with an illuminated LCD display or the IR remote control. To use the GefenTV 2.1 Audio Amplifier w/ Volume Stabilizer, just connect the audio input source(s) to it. Then, the speaker output binding posts are connected with a pair of loudspeakers. Now, connect the supplied DB-9 cable from the RS-232 port to the home automation control device. You need to plug in the included electricity supply to the 24V DC power jack, which is on the rear panel of the unit. The AC power cord needs to connect to an available electrical outlet. You can use the included IR remote or the front panel buttons for controlling the front panel display menu functions, Bypass, Mute, Input Select and Standby mode. The continual product innovations of Gafen helps the company to maintain its reputation as a reliable supplier for integrators and installers. The GefenTV line provides professional quality home theatre accessories for plug and play operation. The Audio Amplifier With Dolby Volume and Dolby Digital Decoding from Gefen is perfect for small home entertainment systems, as well as, add-on audio processor to any computer audio output. The GefenTV 2.1 Audio Amplifier w/ Volume Stabilizer is another superb product with advanced audio pre-processing, which ensures an optimal surround sound signal, and a bright LCD display guides operations. You are advised to always use Comprehensive brand premium cables for ensuring maximum performance.
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