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FTTH Optical Receiver

The optical receiver is a small and home-sized receiver designed for FTTH applications in CATV networks. It has a compact structure and a stable output level and excellent performance at a bandwidth of up to 1000Mhz. Also, it has an extremely wide optical power operating range. This series of products are divided into two types: economical (with no AGC) and high-end (with AGC). It is equipped with an optional built-in power supply, and network management functions. WDM is optional. The high-end product with AGC function can maintain stable output at -10dBm to -3dBm or -16dBm to -8dBm input optical power.
Main features:
1) 1000MHz output capability of 80dBuV or 75dBuV under -10dBm or -15dBm light-receiving conditions
2) Perfect surge suppression circuit to improve the ability to resist lightning strikes and prevent surges
3) Stable and reliable AGC control function
4) Power, optical power LED monitoring display

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