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For years most of us are trying to enjoy music

by:Yatai     2020-05-17
The revolution in the entertainment industry has given birth to various companies which are competing with each other to market their audio products. The audio products play one of the most important roles with innumerable number of reality shows, or talent shows on TV. The availability of superior quality entertainment within the four walls of our homes has reduced dependency on movie theatres. These days with the IPL cricket going on full fledge and all of us glued to our TV sets the audio speakers with sound clarity are gaining popularity as you can enjoy the match and get a feel of the stadium ambience. The continuous innovations and research at F&D has brought us a wide range of audio speakers which can be used for home entertainment as well as other purposes. The 2.1 multimedia speakers have a lot to offer with its two speakers and a subwoofer which is ideal speaker for home entertainment. Woofers are speakers which covers the lower-end of the audio spectrum while the tweeters cover the upper end. The full range speakers system reproduces sounds of almost all audible frequency while the subwoofer reproduces the sounds of low frequencies. The 2.0 multimedia speakers with powerful bass are given 11 degree tilt for wider sound dispersion. These smart satellite design speakers with their heavy duty metal grill design and their contemporary, stylish looks are housed in wooden cabinets to achieve powerful bass with very low distortion. This speaker system can be very easily connected to DVD, TV, PC, MP3 player and many other devices. They are equipped with Class D amplifier for high efficient power design and come with a built in Automatic Voltage Regulator (AVR) which is ideal for the voltage fluctuation situations. Designed for outstanding audio output the F&D multimedia speaker is equipped with headphone jack on the front panel. This feature is a great for private listening and is also equipped with a bass control on the back of the subwoofer. F&D is considered as the best in the world of acoustics has varieties of speakers like multimedia speakers, portable speakers,home entertainment speakers, sound bars, and ipod/ipad/iphone speakers. The company with its team of engineers and technicians and a vast network with the retailers across the country provides the best sales and after sales services.
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