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Focusrite Saffire Pro is a recent addition to

by:Yatai     2020-06-09
Their ISA range was first launched in the 1980s for the Focusrite Forte console. ISA basically stands for Input Signal Amplifier. The Focusrite Forte console is without a doubt one of the best consoles the industry has seen and it was actually one of the finest sonically improved consoles ever released. So much so that Focusrite's current range of ISA product incorporates the core modules from the previous consoles. The range of equipment is the top choice of the leading music engineers and music producers all over the world. Focusrite pro are efficient and cost effective, far superior to other competitive products in the same niche. The product range includes the most versatile channel strip to the classic ISA One. Saffire is another popular range of products from Focusrite. When it comes to Digital Audio Workstations, Saffire is considered to be the best interface solution available today. The twenty five year experience of Focusrite shines through with this amazing product range and the range of items on offer deliver some outstanding digital conversion designs. If you are looking for sound quality, the Saffire DAW Solutions can deliver sound right into your DAW via USB, Firewire or ADAT. The enhanced sound quality makes every subtle nuance prominent and ensures exceptional clarity of sound. The product range includes Liquid Saffire, OctoPre Mkll Dynamic, OctoPre Mkll, Saffire PRO 40, Saffire PRO 24 DSP and Saffire 6 USB. The Liquid Saffire 56 and Saffire PRO 40 are the only rack-mountable versions and most Saffire products offer Standalone Operation, except for the Saffire 6. The Liquid technology available in Liquid Saffire 56 offers two liquid preamps, high quality Fire wire interface, two separate headphone buses, Mix control zero latency DSP Mixer/Router, front panel LED with five step LED metering and six high quality award winning Focusrite Preamps. So basically you get a highly flexible analog front end with a fabulous dynamic convolution DSP. You also benefit from professional digital conversion and a host of input/output options. Focusrite also develops a variety of software solutions which offer professional quality digital sound enhancement. The software currently available from Focusrite includes Midnight Plug-in Suite, Scarlett Plug in Suite, Liquid Mix HD, Forte Suite, Focusrite Pro, Focusrite Plug in Suite and the Focusrite Guitar FX Suite. The Focusrite Saffire suite comes with all Saffire interfaces, including Focusrite Saffire Pro.
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