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Fiber optics are a breakthrough in the communications

by:Yatai     2020-06-27
The concept fiber optics is relatively simple; the technology works by light refraction and the conception of technology has been around for more than a century since Daniel Colladon demonstrated in the 1840's and development continues over the years with telephony father Alexander Graham Bell also looking into it. Today with the age of the internet the technology plays a vital role in making cloud connections available in almost everywhere in the world. For about 20 years or so, the technology has gradually transformed long distance telephony systems especially in VoIP phone systems that are directly dependent to the internet. Optical Fibers in Communications Fiber optics is now the first option in communications supply and setting an IP network simply because it is more advantageous in transmitting bandwidths with very minimal or no loss during transmission compared to conventional Ethernet cables or cable wires, it can also be bundled together for high data relay but still work independently as needed. Long Distance - The internal perfect mirror characteristics gave it the ability to transmit over long distances without interference and loss made the technology thrive in telecommunications. Each fiber can carry multiple channels each having unique wavelengths for optimum data transmission. Short Distance - Although fiber optics is favorable over long distances, it is also advantageous in a confined enterprise. Business computer networking and PBX systems can save precious space instead of having messy and bulky Ethernet cables and wires all over the office. Communications equipment such as fiber optics is also beneficial in providing high quality calls preventing party lines or cross talk especially if your office will be using a cloud PBX and sip trunks for your phone systems. The technology transmits phone conversion by converting analog natured signals to digital signals which can be carried over through light refraction. The concept is very similar how VoIP Analog Transmitter Adapter works thus both are commonly used together. There are also other applications that you can find it beneficial around your office like illumination, although it is relatively more expensive than conventional networking and telephony components it is a worthwhile investments and will outweigh the cost in the long run.
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