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Fiber Optic Splitter Cable

Fiber optic patchcord is suitable for decomposing an optical fiber signal into multiple optical signals.

Optical splitter is the core device of FTTH, which is suitable for connecting local and terminal devices in passive optical networks (EPON, BPON, GPON, etc.) and realizing optical signal splitting. Optical splitters can be divided into fused tapered optical fiber splitter (FBT) and planar waveguide optical splitter (PLC) according to the production process. Fused tapered optical fiber splitter; According to packaging methods can be divided into: box splitter, fiber splitter, micro-module splitter, box splitter, with branching optical splitter. Fiber patch cord meet the industry standards of GR-1209-CORE, GR-1221-CORE, YD/T_2000.1-2009.

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