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DVD player is advancement in the entertainment field

by:Yatai     2020-05-22
LG DVD players: the LG DV 235 player is compatible with CD/MP3/WMA/VCD/DivX/JPEG playback. This slim device is incorporated with features like 5.1 channel analog out, dual disc playability, component video output, and co-axial digital audio output and Dolby digital decoder. The DVD player is equipped with progressive scan, which facilitates viewing of flicker free images. The price of this DVD player is only Rs. 1,920 approximately. The LG DVD DV-422L comes with 1080 up-conversion, progressive scan, USB playback and recording, HDMI, Dolby digital decoder, Optical and coaxial digital out. The slim DVD player is priced at Rs. 5,690 approximately. Godrej DVD players : this device is single disc DVD player and is equipped with master mind technology and is compatible with MP3/HDCD/DivX/CD/JPEG and is integrated with features like the digital optical output, parental lock function, LCD display, high resolution onscreen display, digital co-axial, playing scratched CD and video CD. The device comes with progressive scan and provides you with a view flicker free images and integrated amplifier. The price of this device is Rs. 4490 approximately. The Godrej DVD 502 DVD player can play VDFs, CDs, MP3 disc and with visual controls like zoom in. this slim device comes with features like digital co-axial and digital optical output, parental lock and noise reduction. It is also equipped with 2 channels and 5.1 channel amplifier. Sony BDP-S350 DVD player supports BD-RO, RE/DVD, MP3, AVC+HD 8c/12cm DVD and JPEG disc. This slim device comes with new standards in High definition audiovisual performance and with advanced features like progressive scan, HDMI output, Sony Bravia Theater sync, child lock, TV control on remote, aluminum ceiling panel, screen saver, separate circuit board, Dolby true HD and 5.1 channel DTS-HD functions. The price of this excellent Sony DVD player is Rs. 24,300 approximately.
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