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Digital storage oscilloscope (DSO) can help you

by:Yatai     2020-06-10
Some subsystems which composed of digital storage oscilloscope are similar to analog oscilloscope. However, DSO oscilloscope contains more data processing subsystems, so it can display all the data of entire waveform. From capturing signals to the waveform was displayed on the screen, DSO is using serial processing architecture. Serial processing architecture The same with analog oscilloscope, the first part (input) of digital storage oscilloscope is the vertical amplifier. At this stage, it is convenient for you to adjust the range of the location by using vertical amplifier. Then, at the ADC section of the level system, the signals are sampling in real time at discrete points. The signal voltage of sampling position is transformed into numeric value. So the numeric value is called sampling points. The management process of the department is called digital signal. The sampling clock of the level system decides the frequency of the ADC sampling. This rate is called sampling rate, expressed as sample values per second (S / s). The ADC sampling points are stored in the area of capture storage, so they are called waveform points. Several sampling points can form a waveform point. Waveform points together form a waveform record. The number of waveform points for creating a waveform record and the record is called the record length. Trigger system decides the start point and the end point of the record. There is a microprocessor in the digital storage oscilloscope signal channel. The signals to be tested is displaying on the screen before processing by the microprocessor. Microprocessor can process the signal, adjust operation of the display, manage the front panel device, and so on. Signals passed the memory, and displayed on the oscilloscope screen finally. In the range of the DSO oscilloscope ability, the sampling points after additional processed will enrich the display. At the same time, we can strengthen the function of pre-trigger, so that we can observe the results before the trigger points. At present, most digital oscilloscopes also provide automatic parameter measurements, making the measurement process simple. Digital storage oscilloscope provides high-performance signal-pulse processing and multi-channel capability. DSO oscilloscope is a perfect tool for high-speed, multi-channel applications which is low repetition rate or pulse. In the practice of the digital design, engineers often check four-channel even more signals at the same time, so DSO has become the standard partner with engineers. Youroscilloscope.com offers you kinds of digital oscilloscope, DSO oscilloscope, digital storage oscilloscope with highly quality and cheap price, will bring you unexpected feelings.
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