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Containing a full sized 88 key keyboard alongside

by:Yatai     2020-06-06
The new P85 has the added benefit of Advanced Wave Memory which produces sampled piano sounds. Advanced Wave Memory stereo sampled sounds creates an incredibly close acoustic piano sound. Although compact, the Advanced Wave Memory feature can really have you believe that you are in fact playing something way bigger, such as a concert piano, which really is a credit to the P85. Weighing in at only 25lbs, the Yamaha P85 is easily transportable should you require it to be. There are a variety of different instrument sounds that can be obtained from the P85, including electric piano, strings, harp and much more. Containing dual voice function, the Yamaha P85 is clever enough to allow you to use 2 instruments at the one time. There is a included sustain pedal an a sound recording addition for you to record your masterpiece. Ok, so lets get critical and look at the plus and minus of the Yamaha P85: Good Points The first advantage of the P85 is without a doubt, the quality of sound from a digital piano. As mentioned earlier, there are ten different instrument sounds to choose from, which I found to be very realistic. The P85's Grand Piano 1 deserves a special mention to its real rendition of the real thing. It really is an unbelievable experience and a testament to the experience and skill of the folks at Yamaha. The next big advantage of the Yamaha P85 contemporary piano is its brilliant feel. The responsive keys and the sustain pedal made me comfortable in no time at all. You may notice that the keys are slightly heavier to other digital pianos out there. The slightly heavier keys give you the feeling of actually playing on a grand piano, and the experience is absolutely out of this world. The Yamaha P85's weight is very light for its size, yet it looks and feels solid and robust. Since it weighs in at just around 25lbs, I could take this piano wherever I went and place it wherever I wanted without having to worry about space constraints. Yes, there is something that annoyed me about this unit. The biggest disadvantage for me would be that there is no proper 'output' to plug in an amplifier. I'm not exactly sure why this has been left out. Although, luckily you can still quite easily get around it. You can use the 'headphone' jacks to do the exact same job as another output so you can actually still do it, I'm just surprised there is no dedicated output. I wonder whether this decision to omit dedicated outputs was due to the company believing that users who buy this unit are less likely to use it at gigs or parties. Final Verdict Weighing up the good and not so good components of the Yamaha P85, I have no doubt that this is a beautiful instrument that sounds absolutely great, has a great feel playing, feels solid and has loads of variations to mix things up a little. The price is simply amazing for what you get.
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