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Cellular phone service has evolved tremendously

by:Yatai     2020-06-04
Since then, a cellular phone has morphed into more of a pocket PC with a telephone feature than an actual phone. With the new platforms like iphone and Android, the thing that separates today's phones from the earlier smartphones in the introduction of apps. Apps are small applications that can run on a smartphone, and are designed to aid in productivity, engagement, entertainment, and organization. Some of the most popular apps keep us connected via Facebook and Twitter, bring streaming music from Pandora, and help pass the time. And if you can think it, well, there's probably 'an app for that'. I'll never forget when I discovered how to stream Pandora radio through my mono Bluetooth headset on the Blackberry Curve. I originally thought only stereo headsets could use streaming audio, but for a lot of versions of the Pandora app, it allows use of a mono headset, but the feature was buried in the settings. After I figured that out, I started looking for other ways to get better features from music and productivity tools. Staying completely connected on the go is a huge part of the smartphone attraction. For many, a lot of their call time is used in the car going from place to place. With mobility, connectivity, and efficiency at such high premiums, there are a few cellular accessories that everyone should have. First, get a hands-free headset. Bluetooth technology has become less and less expensive, and it is worth the $20-$75 to keep you hands free at work and on the road. Plus, some mono Bluetooth headsets can even play music, so check around and see which ones will work for you. Second, get a cellular amplifier. A cellular amplifier can drastically improve cell phone reception in cars and buildings, increasing internet connection speeds, reducing dropped calls, and improving overall call quality. This is another must-have if you experience poor reception at work, in your car, or even at home. Third, get a car adapter kit with a harness for your mobile device (especially for those using iphones or ipods). Car adapter kits are hardwired to your vehicle and give a steady place to mount and charge your phone. They can also integrate into your car's speaker system, allowing you to stream your Pandora app through your radio, listen to your itunes library in your car, and even take phone calls through your car's radio. As with buying a car or a house, or anything really, the options and accessories you have with your smartphone can really improve how much you enjoy using it. Having a Bluetooth headset, cellular amplifiers, and a car adapter kit for your smartphone or ipod make using the devices safer, faster, and more efficient that not having them. Save yourself some time and trouble, and spend a little extra on some good accessories to get more out of your smartphone or other mobile devices.
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