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Cable type is called Dream Box C model and the

by:Yatai     2020-06-24
First, support multi-tuner switch control switch DM500 can support 4 cut 1, 22 k, 13/18V other satellite switch, you can set up the first of 32 high-frequency information. Of course, it can also support the polar axis. DM500 satellite receiver with the software settings and more there is a very big advantage is that machines do not like the Thunder 430, 22k switch to increase the time, but also after changes in their calculation of the frequency. DM500 only need to enter the frequency directly with the remote control can be the first parameter. Second, smart card reader DM500 has a smart card reader port; below you can see the card's icon. Personal feeling is if you use the card to watch satellite TV users, a card reader too little mouth. Thunder 430XP is now popular of these are the three reader port it. Of course, users in China are still the most common way of using a network share, so a card reader port is sufficient. DM500 can also use the boxes provided CV12/A2 shared key, to decrypt the encryption units. These instructions see below. Third, an unlimited number of TV and radio channels table Remember to use the time to know Thunder 430, Thunder 430 the number of channels like setting is 1000, which should mainly depend on the size of the machine memory. This indicator has been neglect of domestic users, because we estimate that in a fairly long period of time can't be achieved within a watch over 1000 satellite channels. The DM500 big as a lot more memory, while the channel parameters of the already small amount of data, so companies can boast the German dream to achieve an unlimited number of television and radio programs table. This is also in order to fit the actual needs of the audience in Europe specifically to do publicity. We know that in 13 degrees east longitude hot bird satellite Hot Bird series show the number of channels to more than 1,000. Fourth, audio digital optical output (support AC3/DTS) DM500 has digital optical audio output port; at the back we can see illustration. We know it would have satellite programs are digital audio and video signals, if the output through the optical fiber or coaxial digital signals to the amplifier to get a better sound quality. In this section I will explain in detail later.
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