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As we know Smart Podiums are the Control Center

by:Yatai     2020-06-06
Now days Digital lectern Systems are using everywhere in classroom, universities, meeting rooms, conferencing rooms, seminar halls, to support e-learning, e-class and e-course. These systems yet are having some disadvantages also. If we discuss about the advantage a Smart Podium or Digital Power Lectren bring in our day to day life then we are having lot of things to discuss like Now we discuss each aspect of using Smart Podiums in classroom A supportive Classroom Environment: A Classroom is equipped with various digital technologies and devices. Students are the main audience and Lecturer is one who delivers the presentation session or lecture. In Smart Classrooms students become engaged participants in the teaching and learning process when they are able to display, explain, and take questions based on their work. Now students can be able to share their work with other participants that also make them very confident and busy in doing their work with proper dedication. A sense of pride emerges when students share their work, knowledge with their team members or with other classmates. All this will help to create a supportive learning community and social interaction among various participants so that they can share their views, working ideas and knowledge with others. Great Learning Opportunity: A major determinant of Learning in any learning domain area is the degree of exposure to the particular domain at classrooms. Students generally came to school, colleges and attend their classes and go back to their home. In between this we are loosing something that is their interaction, social growth, exposure of their minds. But this does not be the same way when classrooms are equipped with Smart Podiums. As they all have now a reason to stay and work and show their work to others. Students can make their notes on podiums and upload them directly to server so that they can review them later at their home also. This brings creativity among them to try out new things in their relevant field. Teachers and students can print a copy of notes also. This function would be significantly beneficial for special education system. Allow Technology Integration: The smart podium allows teaching and learning with technology to occur on a daily basis because all of the necessary hardware components are right there. Smart Podiums have DVD capabilities, a touch screen control panel, a document camera, data projector, and a computer also. Computing and Communications are upgrading some of the classrooms to have the Smart Podium interactive touch screen. With the ever growing needs of educational system towards computer oriented technologies and equipments, these affordable multifunction Smart Podiums or Digital Power Lectern Systems fills the need for each and every presentations and events. It is well suited to existing technologies out in the current market and supports for future technologies.
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