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Are you planning to deliver a lecture or a teaching

by:Yatai     2020-06-06
The Smart Podium is the main control center for the Technology in each and every classroom. It is equipped with an overhead projector with controls to allow a user to select which technology they want to use like Smart Podiums local Computer, DVD Player, VCR, or Sound System. They allow user to interact with computer by using a mouse, annotate documents, or simply write notes on the computer. Another benefit that a lecturer can avail from these systems is that they can connect their laptop to a VGA Connector equipped with the lectern system. The system solves the problem of preparing different equipments, connect and do settings on those equipments, move them all to other classroom, and properly put them in safe storage. The Podiums comes with the standard array of MA office products, Adobe Acrobat, and a host of media players. Smart Podiums incorporate a touch screen control panel, document camera, computer and a DVD/VHS. Presenters or Speaker person can use the touch screen in an efficient manner to call up different PowerPoint presentations, websites, and various documents and format. Presenters will also be able to control the microphone, presentation and background music volume, and many more. Smart Podiums are Compatible with any wide screen devices that you use to create your lecture materials, presentations, notes etc. Now adays almost each classroom at each institutional campus is equipped with Smart Podiums setup. Smart Podiums include a computer with Internet access, VHS/DVD player, and sound amplifier with wall-mounted speakers. Documents, graphics, and images, as well as multimedia parameters (like movies) can be projected onto the classroom's projector screen through an overhead mounted digital projector. These podiums are high-tech support systems which enable the use of a variety of media (print, video, computer, etc.) for various classroom presentations. Now days in this Future Era, Smart Podiums are having the latest technology for presenting in Classrooms, Auditoriums, Meeting Rooms, Seminar halls and Lecture Halls for various kind of purpose. Today education demand an interactive learning that Podiums system are employed and thus knowledge, skills and understanding can be expressed via wide range of multimedia. The main key benefit of using Smart Podiums in Classroom is that they integrate all E-Classroom devices into one collaborative system that is really easy to handle and use. That's why we called Smart Podiums as a standard for innovative learning.
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