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An HDMI splitter is the answer for displaying

by:Yatai     2020-06-14
Another advantage of using an HDMI Distribution Amplifier is that it has the ability to buffer and amplify the video signal across several televisions. If you operate an electronics show room where multiple televisions must connect to a single cable box or satellite receiver, then the HDMI distribution amplifier is the ideal solution. Multiple HDMI Splitter units can be cascaded to display the same image on up to 64 monitors. This same configuration is great for trade shows, conference centers and training environments where multiple high-definition displays share a single connection point on a receiver. High-definition video signals require a higher bandwidth than standard television signals. Therefore, you'll need an HDMI Splitter that supports the higher speed requirements. Standard television signals are broadcast at 480i resolution, but high-definition signals are at 720p, 1080i or 1080p resolution. Use high-speed cables for 1080p resolution and higher. If you are transmitting video and audio from a Blue-ray DVD player, PS2 or XBOX, then plan on getting an HDMI Splitter to support the 1080p resolution as well as 3D. What to do if you need to send a HDMI Video signal further than 10 meters? - You may have television sets in a room that is much further away than 10 meters. It's common for corporate or hotel conference rooms to be much longer than 30 feet. In the example above we discussed using an HDMI Video Splitter to send to two or more television displays in different rooms. Your rooms may be separated by more than 10 meters. In this case, you'll need to use a HDMI over Cat5e/Cat6 Splitter solution. These transmit the signal over a UTP or STP Cat5e/Cat6 network cable. Greater distances are capable with this configuration. This solution is much more affordable than having a custom HDMI cable manufactured for longer distances. The Cat5/6 network cable with an HDMI Distribution Amplifier transmits distortion-free signals up to 60 meters or 180 feet.
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